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Create or update a cross-referenceCross-reference Problems – Troubleshooting


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How to update the fields (cross references) in Word 2013

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Word 2007 cross reference not updating

The contents is copyright. You insert a cross-reference to a numbered item in a table. Update August Do any of the following: The writers on my team are scientists, not Word experts — they invariably cannot find the appendices when inserting cross-references, so they have to ask me to fix them. Alternatively, you could delete each incorrect cross-reference field and replace it by a new field. In this scenario, the cross-reference link is not updated to reference the original heading. If you have already inserted cross-references that are wrong due to wrong bookmarks, the easiest solution is most likely to correct each instance by adding a space in the target paragraph as illustrated above, then delete the wrong cross-reference and create a new cross-reference. Word 2007 cross reference not updating

Word 2007 cross reference not updating

Word 2007 cross reference not updating

Word 2007 cross reference not updating

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