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Born With Two Heads (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

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Stories medical adult

Mark's Story: A man feels a pain and goes to the doctor. Additional Information More advice for talking with doctors about your medicines If you cannot read the doctor's handwriting on the prescription, ask him to write it again clearly so the pharmacist can read it, too. What are ok side effects of the medicine? Federal law Civil Rights Act of mandates that any facility receiving federal payments medicare, medicaid must provide interpreters for patients whose English is limited. Again, you can decide how much and what kind of information is suited to your students' levels and needs. Other suggestions students have come up with include taking a friend or family member who speaks more English, or finding a doctor who speaks your language. One of the primary goals for seniors at the Medical Adult Day Center is socializing. If a doctor is busy, he or she sees the patient for only 10 minutes. Hanna has shared her experience as a Holocaust survivor with the group. Stories medical adult

Stories medical adult

Stories medical adult

Stories medical adult

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  1. State-of-the-heart technology right here in Rochester makes this stork's flight short and sweet.

  2. How is the man feeling? I feel very happy here, and I enjoy the activities. What is the doctor doing?

  3. Sometimes a friend is better than someone in your family, because a family member may not be comfortable speaking about your health and body. You can decide how much and what kind of information your students is suited to your students' levels and needs. I feel very happy here, and I enjoy the activities.

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