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Girls With Stretched Ears GIFsgirl with stretched ears


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Weird Things My Stretched Ears Can Do

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Girls with stretched ears

It's not a new idea, style, or fad. I have always been fascinated with stretched ears and their origins. The stretched ears and lip show that the girl has grown into a woman and is now able to have children. In fact, they seem to be doing the opposite and growing more into our modern day. Buddhists believe that long ears are a sign of an enlightened being. Stretched ears is a sign of wisdom among the people of the Massai tribe, largely because the elders will have the largest stretched ears. Thus Buddha, being the most enlightened being, would have long ears to symbolize this. My response is that stretched ears have been around forever. What are your thoughts? However scientist did determine that his ears were stretched to 10mm in size. Girls with stretched ears

Girls with stretched ears

Girls with stretched ears

Girls with stretched ears

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  1. Some say that it was due to the Buddha's royal roots. Their ears are stretched for decorative purposes.

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