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Der KitKat club in Berlin / Fetisch Parties

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Fetisch sex in berlin

In fact you may well find that people in sex clubs are more considerate than some you encounter in regular clubs. Once a symbol of Berlin cool, it is today known as a safer bet for tourists who have failed to get into one of the city's more exclusive clubs. Its outdoor area offers a hodge-podge of second-hand sofas and seating as well as an outdoor bar, abandoned car and tree house-like structures to climb into. As with many of Berlin's best and illusive nigh spots, this far-flung club in Berlin-Rummelsburg has a no pictures policy and they'll offer a sticker to put over your phone camera upon entry. The lighting gives them a romantic sexy time feel and they feature an open bathtub Jacuzzi next to the bed. It has been a hotspot for sexual enjoyment ever since the s Weimar Republic, as highlighted in the Canadian documentary Legendary Sin Cities. Think techno music, lots of leather and shameless dancing as well as, of course, some X-rated action, all of which makes for the best cocktail one could possibly think of. They sell clothes, accessories and sex toys as well as feminist and sex-positive porn DVDs. It is truly a great place to visit, even if you have never walked into a sex shop before. Fetisch sex in berlin

Fetisch sex in berlin

Fetisch sex in berlin

Fetisch sex in berlin

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  1. This means keeping your hands to yourself unless clearly given the signal to do otherwise. Topics include bondage, dirty talking, and all events are hosted by professionals and experts.

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