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32 Romantic Restaurants in Kolkata for a Candlelight DinnerBest Romantic Restaurants in Kolkata (Calcutta), Kolkata District


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Restaurants in kolkata for couples

Chicken Teriyaki, platters, mocktails, and cheesecake are mouth-watering. The sizzlers are terrific, and the mocktails are awesome too. So scream and shout, and let it all out. Cooked with traditional age-old methods, and using the most authentic masalas, the food tastes fresh and delicious. Restaurants in kolkata for couples

Restaurants in kolkata for couples

Restaurants in kolkata for couples

Restaurants in kolkata for couples

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  1. You get the best Thai and Chinese delicacies. Spice Kraft Spice Kraft source Exquisite interiors of this place with soft music going in the background can set the mood for a romantic evening and a candle-lit dinner with your girl. Salads, ravioli, fish preparations, starters are too good.

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