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Bisexuality: Is it acquired or innate?Innate bisexuality


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German Ex-Muslim: 'gender segregation generates latent bisexuality'

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Innate bisexuality

Both theories have a great deal of controversy surrounding them, so it is particularly important to be aware of which is being discussed. To me this not only erases bi identity but also queer identity totally and comes from a place of privilege. Dora[ edit ] " Dora " was Ida Bauer — , a patient of Freud's. Wolf Man[ edit ] Another study often associated with this theory is that of the " Wolf Man ", a patient who tried to repress his homosexual tendencies. Based on this, he asserts that, "the conception which we gather from this long known anatomical fact is the original predisposition to bisexuality , which in the course of development has changed to monosexuality, leaving slight remnants of the stunted sex. Freud had some interesting jumping off points and ideas but they were better theorised by others. BUT - the baseline othering, and bigotry, and disgust with which people being themselves is met, is fueled so massively by these definitions, categories, and the potential for othering, and bigotry, and hate it opens society up for. Such realizations can be traumatizing and one may experience emotions such a guilt, shame, anger and even denial. There is no fixed age for this. Often the theory of innate bisexuality is discussed in association with Freud's sessions with Dora. Innate bisexuality

Innate bisexuality

Innate bisexuality

Innate bisexuality

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  1. Just not a thing biology does. For the most part, I was just one of the girls, who, nobody else really saw that way.

  2. For the most part, I was just one of the girls, who, nobody else really saw that way. Read more on. Freud had some interesting jumping off points and ideas but they were better theorised by others.

  3. A reason for being unhappy in a heterosexual relationship could be because the person prefers same-sex partners and does not feel satisfied or comfortable with a partner of the opposite sex. As per the philosopher, your sexual orientation depends on the planetary positions, in particular, Venus and Saturn. The conclusions that he draws are based on the fact that at early stages of development, humans undergo a period of hermaphrodism.

  4. However, it has nothing to do with failed relationships in the past or any other social factor. Jul 16, , To some degree, perhaps an extension of gender dysphoria, which is apparently not a word according to the forum software?

  5. In a strongly hetero-normative country like India, the stigma and potential discrimination makes it all the more challenging to come to terms with an alternate sexuality," says Aditi. However, it's important to understand that it's nothing to feel apologetic or ashamed about.

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