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How To Wear a Fedora Hat: A Style Guide for MenTrilby vs Fedora, Which is More Stylish, and How to Wear Them


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Men's Hat Etiquette - Rules for Wearing & Removing Hats

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How to wear a fedora hat men

Fedoras typically come with a fabric or ribbon band that sits just above the brim. How To Wear a Fedora Hat: Its wide brim and durable fabric make it perfect for protection come rain or shine. Save the ultra sharp fur felt fedoras for your tuxedo or upscale suit. You can get a lot more wear out of a hat in a neutral hue such as beige, ivory, taupe, gray, or navy than one with bright patterns, pinstripes, or lots of embellishments. Leather fedoras really only accent the most urban styles of dress. Fred Astaire in a 3 piece suit and a fedora What is a Fedora Hat? If you are wearing a casual straw fedora, stick to natural colors, they can match just about any outfit. How to wear a fedora hat men

How to wear a fedora hat men

How to wear a fedora hat men

How to wear a fedora hat men

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  1. Dirt — Use a brush to gently smooth off any loose bits of dirt that may be lying around. Brushed Beaver Felt Hat Buy a hat from a genuine hatmaker.

  2. Choosing the Right Brim Size Whoever said size doesn't matter clearly wasn't talking about fedora brims. A trilby is worn off the face, for a modern fashionable style. Now, what do you wear with it?

  3. A narrower brim than that of a fedora hat A tall crown Generally worn at the back of the head off the face for a stylish modern twist Made from material such as tweed, straw or rabbit felt How to Care for a Trilby or Fedora Hat Unsure of how to care for your new hat? As with anything new, it takes a bit of getting used to.

  4. A fedora is distinguished enough to really set you apart from the crowd; wearing one changes your look in an instant. Match the fedora to your outfit. It has a much smaller brim, a taller crown, and is frequently worn on the back of the head.

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