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TJR Retro: WWE WrestleMania 21 Review (WrestleMania Goes Hollywood)More stuff


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WWE Wrestlemania 21 Highlights HD

Video about wrestlemania 2005:

Wrestlemania 2005

Show does the chokeslam sign, Show lifts him, but Akebono shoves him out of the ring to the floor after 1: In the corner, Batista comes back with forearms and goes into the ropes, but HHH hits him with a huge Spinebuster that gets a two count three times. Angle match being the main event, this would be one of the greatest PPV's ever. The match had a very predictable outcome with Batista going over. Wrestlemania 2005

Wrestlemania 2005

Wrestlemania 2005

Wrestlemania 2005

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  1. She boots Christy to the floor and then throws her back in. They were members of Evolution. As he does he rolls back into the ring and stops the refs count.

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