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mindbodygreen9 scientifically proven ways celebrities stay looking young


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Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets

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How to keep looking young and beautiful

Their advice will help you stay young and have you looking and feeling everyday fabulous, by doing everyday smart things: However, according to Dr. Stars undergo microdermabrasion treatments in which the face is polished with tiny crystals. Because no one wants wrinkly, dry hands at Run, bike, swim, dance — do whatever you enjoy most. Often, this leads to wrinkles and leathery skin. As always, one of if not the best way to take care of our skin is by using a sunscreen regularly. European studies have also found that it helps diminish wrinkles, restores firmness to skin, and hydrates skin cells. And not just your beard. Drink red wine Last fall, a groundbreaking study showed that mice on a high-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of grapes, had longer average lifespans than those not given the resveratrol. How to keep looking young and beautiful

How to keep looking young and beautiful

How to keep looking young and beautiful

How to keep looking young and beautiful

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  1. Also, to make sure your skin stays supple and hydrated throughout the day, toss a hydrating rosewater mist, like Mario Badescu Facial Spray , into your bag. Another promising anti-ager is the goji berry, a fruit native to Tibet that boasts times more vitamin C by weight than an orange and is considered to be the most abundant source of carotenoids, a type of antioxidant, on earth. In , the Skin Cancer Foundation described sunblock as a temporary shield that prevents UV radiation from penetrating the skin.

  2. To make sure your mental health is in check, focus on your physical health first: There are plenty of ways to look more youthful, and some of them only take a few minutes. When your skin looks refreshed and glowing, you will too.

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