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User ReviewsToronto Film Review: ‘Cake’


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Cake Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Aniston HD

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Cake jennifer aniston imdb

Leonard, the drunk driver who caused the accident, shows up at Claire's house to apologize, saying he is distraught with guilt, but Claire attacks him. Jennifer Aniston's performance is something that most actresses will pray to be able to achieve, but never come close. Following her session, Claire takes body weights and jumps into the pool, sitting on the bottom of the pool for 30 seconds before releasing the weights and rising to the surface. Screenwriter Patrick Tobin, a relatively unknown scribe whose only credit is "No Easy Way" nearly twenty years ago, gives a strong focus on the creation of Claire. Claire is hostile to most people but manipulative and sweet to her pain management doctor who prescribes her the pain medication she needs to survive. She excels in a performance that demands respect from her peers, and movie- goers everywhere. Claire accidentally overdoses on her pain medication, but forces herself to vomit the pills up before passing out. ClaytonDavis 30 December Every once in a while, and admittedly not often enough, an actor or actress opens your eyes to talents you weren't aware they inhabited. Cake jennifer aniston imdb

Cake jennifer aniston imdb

Cake jennifer aniston imdb

Cake jennifer aniston imdb

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  1. Claire accidentally overdoses on her pain medication, but forces herself to vomit the pills up before passing out. I pray to the movie Gods that this is not a one-trick pony for her career. The scene is played for laughs, most sourly aimed at Annette and the other touchy-feely therapy saps.

  2. There's a tiny moment where Sam Worthington's character tells her she's messed up, and she plays the reaction shot so completely differently from anything she's done in the past - that's when I really started believing her in the role and she only got better from there.

  3. Claire relies on the opioids percocet and oxycontin , but to ease her pain has to resort to illegally buying additional pain medication in Tijuana. Plot[ edit ] Several years after surviving a car accident that killed her son, former Los Angeles defense attorney Claire Bennett is left physically and emotionally disabled — and heavily scarred — as she struggles to cope with chronic pain.

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