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The Ultimate Guide To Playing With Your Boyfriend's Ball SackWhat To Do With Testicles During A Blowjob


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How To PROPERLY Shave Your Balls! (SAFEST Testicle Shaving Technique)

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Best way to play with your balls

There are nerve endings there, after all. Get It Twisted Despite appearances, your guy's testicles don't float freely in his scrotum. But sucking isn't all you can do. We're talking literal ice here: Best way to play with your balls

Best way to play with your balls

Best way to play with your balls

Best way to play with your balls

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  1. When the ice cube was almost melted, she took both of them in her mouth and swirled her tongue around. Others like it when their partner licks their balls, and some hate that. But sucking isn't all you can do.

  2. It was best orgasm I've ever had. Try replicating a figure-eight motion around his sack.

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