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Naughty poems for girlfriend

Tim and me, a-huntin' went. The deluge has fallen in Derby Eyes make contact and souls fall open, Allowing brief entry of one life to another, So even bored couples feel slightly connected, While the lucky embrace, Like shipwrecked sailors, Listening in silence to mermaid and dolphin, Singing of coral and sand and completeness. The explosion is coming in Eastbourne, Necks are straining and head boards rebounding As thighs move faster, grow weary and slacken. Tights in the hall and pants in the bathroom, Bra on the shelf And doubts in the kitchen, As newly acquainted Swap fluids and feelings, Hoping for phone calls, Instead of diseases. Naughty poems for girlfriend

Naughty poems for girlfriend

Naughty poems for girlfriend

Naughty poems for girlfriend

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  1. Making small talk about gardens and daytrips, Feet and hearts meeting, Under the covers.

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