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Woman makes £75k a year by testing out mattresses for a living – and gets to sleep at workHow to Become a Professional Sleeper (Career Path)


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Tester VS Developer.

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Mattress tester salary

Check out these unusual jobs. Would you dare to try this weird job? The opportunities for monetizing memes include advertising, licensing for merchandising, and licensing in the digital world. Do you know of anyone who wants this weird job? Job Description Quite simply, a professional sleeper is someone who gets paid to sleep. Review for free: I spend the rest of my time talking to customers as well as the developers and doing research. After his stint — during which Southall was stung by a potentially deadly jellyfish — he stayed in Queensland and is now a Tourism Amabassador. Be warned, though: Mattress tester salary

Mattress tester salary

Mattress tester salary

Mattress tester salary

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