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Welcome to CALMThe tricky business of diagnosing adult ADHD


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Adult ADHD Test Under 2 Minutes

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Adult adhd testing minnesota

Our ADHD doctors take the time to accurately assess an individual with attention and focus problems to correctly identify and diagnose adult ADHD and other causes of attention problems. These individuals often start to believe these misinterpretations about themselves which subsequently affects their self-esteem and self-confidence. After treatment for their Adult ADHD at our clinic, people often see significant improvement in the quality of their life, and the lives of others close to them, such as spouses, and family. Evaluations for adult ADHD include a clinical interview and psychological testing, including administration of a continuous performance test for attention and impulse control. I also request that clients complete a detailed life history form and behavioral rating forms for symptoms of ADHD. Adult adhd testing minnesota

Adult adhd testing minnesota

Adult adhd testing minnesota

Adult adhd testing minnesota

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